It all started back in the late 80's, vocalist Rocco Fury, Petey D., Danny Monchek, Steve Evetts and Eric "Cutter" Nila got together and created the sound we now know as American Angel. In 1989, they were approached by several record companies and ended up signing with Grudge Records. Their first release, self-titled "AMERICAN ANGEL", put the band on the map. The band made a video for their first single titled, "HOW CAN I MISS YOU", which was featured on MTV's Headbangers Ball. Then in 1990, after touring North America, they ran into a problem with the record company and received no label support at all. The problem was that when they returned from the tour, the record company was gone, it just vanished from the industry and American Angel was left on their own. That didn't stop Rocco and crew, they continued on and put out a second album, "EP 92", in Febuary of 1992. At the time, the music scene was changing and alternitive rock was becoming popular and eventually the band went their seperate ways and American Angel was no longer. In 1998 lead vocalist Rocco Fury released one more album after that titled, "ARCHIVES", a collection of some of the songs from the first two albums and some previously unreleased material.

In 2004, 15 years after their debut, Rocco Fury has recreated American Angel with four new stellar musicians. Now they are back to pick up where the original American Angel left off. Although, members of the band have changed, they still have the heart and drive of the orginal band and Rocco still sounds just like the way you remember him.

June 2007, American Angel releases their fourth CD titled "Vanity", on Chavis Records. If you love the old stuff, you will love these new tunes!!!